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New Beginnings Are Possible

New Beginnings Are Possible provides urban youth exposed to at-risk conditions in Milwaukee with a biblically-based moral foundation for making healthy choices to become contributing members of the community.

Rather than simply “warehousing” youth as a drop in center, they focus on relationship building and one-on-one interactions with youth ages 6-18. Part of the New Beginnings difference is to provide unique mentoring opportunities through a volunteer program, individual education plans to improve academic achievement, transportation to the center, and a daily hot meal.

New Beginnings Are Possible is looking at how they can build their ministry and serve more individuals now and in the future. As part of my role with Stewardship Innovations, I was called on to help with the planning efforts. In the words of Board member Kay Edwards, “Tim recently led a strategic planning process for New Beginnings Are Possible, an organization serving youth in Milwaukee’s central city. He did an excellent job of facilitating the planning committee’s work, helping us focus on clarifying the organization’s mission and vision, and identifying realistic strategic directions that will take us through the next 3-5 years. I am grateful for Tim’s professional leadership on this project.”

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